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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sex and War

I wrote about this subject a while ago and linked to several articles that had done some preliminary reporting on the subject. Debra McNutt is doing more in-depth reporting (via Psyche Science and Society)"

My ultimate purpose is doing this research is not only to help expose these crimes against women, but to help build a movement to stop them. Missing from the discussions about Iraqi women’s rights is how the U.S. occupation is creating new oppressions that destroy women’s self-worth. It is our responsibility as Americans to stop our military’s abuses of women, by ending the occupation.
If you have any information on this subject, please forward it to her.

Note on My Absence: I have no personal computer as of now. I am relying on work and other locales to get any web info.

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Hey What you said at the end of our conversation struck as odd at the time, but that was because I did not get your meaning at first. I realize that you meant that you use those titles to draw people in. I can understand that, but by using those titles and the way that people end up here is weird. Don't you think that those are the exact opposite of the kind of people you want to read your site? I know you said you can't prove anything to anyone, but then wouldn't that mean you're drawing people in that you do not want? Maybe you really can convince people, if you can then it's ok.