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Monday, July 16, 2007

Moore Goes Into Hyper-Drive vs. CNN

I saw some of Michael Moore's comments versus Wolf Blitzer. They blitzed the Blitzer right out of his safe little charmed circle. Then CNN sent in the brain-cracker Sanjay Gupta to do his hatchet job. Moore had a fair dust-up with Gupta, a very smart guy anyways, and the next morning the CNN chicken heads were clucking about a Gupta slammaramma vs. Moore.

I didn't catch the whole piece between Moore and Gupta, so I don't know who won the debate. I don't think, though, that the crowing was in any way fair. Now Moore has published something of a declaration of war vs. CNN. Also check out Moore's fact-by-fact check of CNN's story on Sicko and his rebuttal to Gupta.

It's about time that someone took on the media for not only their falsehoods and entertainment packaging of information but also their overt collusion with the Bushites in making the Iraq war a "reality." A reality, BTW, that they can milk for all the ad dollars in the world.

NB If there was ever a time when the web and blogosphere could show its muscles, it's now. I imagine that Moore could team up in some way with sites like Media Matters and shred CNN to ribbons. If you're listening take this media attack to heart and spread the word any way you can.

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