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Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting to Santa fe

My first journey to SF in '79. Didn't know not to fly into SF airport. I guess I had figured that I could get a taxi - it was an airport after all - to get up to school. Well, afte deplaning I was somewhat taken aback by the lobby - if you could call it that - being greeted by a coyote, some lizards, and a roadrunner. Seriously, though. The place was just a museum of old planes or something. And there definitely was not a taxi in sight. For that matter, no cars at all.

This was before that end of Agua Fria was a main thoroughfare. It was maybe even dirt. So I ask the coyote where the taxi is. He kinda looked @ me funny. Maybe he mentioned the yellow pages or maybe he just walked away shaking his head. So I call the taxi company - there was just 1. Woman answers phone, saying "hello." Not Juan's Taxi or something like that, like maybe you'd expect. So, noting this, I ask whether I could be picked and taken to the college. She said, "yeah, he'll be out." How long. "Well he's working on the car, so he'll be out as soon as it's fixed." No shit. True story.
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