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Friday, February 10, 2006

Israel Changing Pre-emptive Strike Policy?

It appears that Israel is under pressure by the US govt. to accept an umbrella concept for its defense. As I have noted before, this is exactly the strategy that was proposed by the US Army War Coellege, ISS. On the other hand, I also suggest that the US propose something similar for Iran and provide some form of assurance that neither Israel nor the US will attack the country.

According to Reuters:

In the 1960s, France pursued a nuclear programme in part because President Charles De Gaulle said he did not want to rely on U.S. protection from the Soviets. By submitting to a U.S. umbrella, some see Israel being drawn in the opposite direction.

"Part of the American strategy now may be to provide a nuclear umbrella to the Israelis, with the hope being that, one day, they disarm," Hartwell said.

Israeli officials, while maintaining a policy of ambiguity over the country's nuclear capabilities, have ruled out any open review of it in the absence of comprehensive Middle East peace.
It is exactly this issue of Israel coming clean on its own nuclear arsenal and capabilities that is the crux of the matter. Iran and others in the mideast can always point to these and wag the finger, saying "how come Israel can have these weapons and use them to bully others in the region and we cannot even protect ourselves?"

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