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Friday, January 27, 2006

President Sees the (Radioactive) Light on Iran

According to the New York Sun, Pres. Bush has backed a Ruusian plan that would provide nuclear fuel to Iran for civilian nuclear power plants. Why isn't the NYTimes or Wasington Post blaring this in 2-inch letters? ...

According to Josh Gerstein:

"I have made it clear that I believe that the Iranians should have a civilian nuclear power program under these conditions: that the material used to power the plant would be manufactured in Russia, delivered under IAEA inspectors to Iran to be used in that plant, the waste of which will be picked up by the Russians and returned to Russia," Mr. Bush said at a news conference yesterday. "I think that is a good plan. The Russians came up with the idea and I support it," he added.
I wonder what Israel is thinking about this? Or is this the plan that AIPAC, the Israeli lobbying group, was so pissed about a month ago?

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