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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

MercenariesUSA Inc. II

At least some people are following up on this story. As I've mentioned before, if there's one sure sign that a republic or democracy is threatened it's when secret or for-profit paramilitary groups begin to operate legally or semi-legally.

The original article that Alexandrovna links to (by "Syriana" Bob Baer) mentions the trophy video I wrote about last year.

Baer writes:

Aegis subsequently conducted an investigation and concluded that the actions represented "legitimate operations" undertaken in compliance with the rules of engagement. Aegis argued further that the video was "taken out of context" and noted that there was no evidence that civilians had been killed. The Pentagon looked into the video and declined to take further steps.
So much for justice and all that sentimental crap they teach you during the socialization process called school. The state has priorities that do not engage your own or those of the ones you love. As of now, the state is merely an appendage to the larger interests of globalization and imperial capitalism.

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