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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another Reason to Attack Iraq

Let's not forget that one of the goals of the invasion of Iraq was to find a country that could be friends with Israel. George Bush himself has said so, and this assumption is either assumed by or stated outright in various documents emanating from the AEI.

After recently reading Adam Smith on "The Wealth of Nations," I formulated something of mini-theory on why the US needed to invade Iraq--at least from the oligarch's standpoint.

Looked at from a historical perspective, that is, Iraq had become what very few if any nations outside Europe had become--a modern nation. Its educational system was top-notch, the industrial sector was well-developed, it had a commercial base that, although based on a single resource, could quite plausibly diversify. On top of that, it had what Smith says is paramount to any commercial nation: the ability to feed itself.

If these points are true--not all have to be--then the reason to demolish Iraq and reduce it as close to a pre-modern state was to teach the world a lesson: no one modernizes w2ithout following the blueprint laid out by the US.

On top of that, of course, is the idea that no nation in the mid-East can be a modern state that shows up Israel or outpaces it in the eyes of the world in regards to being "modern."

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