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Friday, August 11, 2006

Proxy Wars, Shadows and Iran

Larisa Alexandrovna provides more facts and background that support the idea that Israel's invasion of Lebanon is simply the prelude to a US invasion of Iran. ...

After offering a compelling factual record, Alexandrovna concludes:

This is a strategy long wanted by the far right and people like Dick Cheney, and this is a strategy that was long in the planning. Even as we began military operations in Iraq, Iran was the subject of all major military discussions. And yet when Israel became engaged in military operations against Lebanon, the entire world failed to understand the true nature of this conflict and the real issues behind it. Israel is a client-state of the United States and, as such, it will do as it is told.

For Israel to act so harshly and so carelessly, putting its entire nation in jeopardy and with world support failing, one can only imagine the pressure that the Cheney "cabal" used to push for such an event.

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