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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Jesuits Call Church Militant to Protect Western Civilization

In what might seem to be a contradictory call, an official Jesuit newspaper editorial has called for moderate Moslems to counter Islamic extremists and, at the same time, asked European leaders to protect "our" common Christian civilization.

The contradiction comes, I think, in the notion that Islamic moderates should show moderation while Christian leaders make what is essentially a "call to arms" of its own adherents--a call to oppose anything, it's implied, that is against that civilization. Tacitly understood is the notion that Islam is a civilization that opposes the truth and value of western culture. ...

According to Catholic World News:

An influential Jesuit journal has challenged moderate Muslim leaders to intervene to curtail the violent protests over cartoons mocking the prophet Mohammed.

In an editorial that will appear in print later this week, Civilta Cattolica argues that Islamic fundamentalists have deliberately inflamed public protests against the Danish cartoons. The editorial also calls upon European leaders to defend the fundamental priniciples of their own culture.

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