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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Neocon Heretic Rips Bush et al. a New One

Francis "The End of History" Fukuyama used to be the darling of the neoconservatives, that group of insiders who have so decisively hijacked US foreign policy. In the past two years, though, Fukuyama has attacked the neocons for the failed Iraq war and similar foreign debacles. In a recent article, Fukuyama unpeels the rancid neocon onion. ...

Writing in the NYTimes, Fukuyama observes:

There were other reasons as well why the world did not accept American benevolent hegemony. In the first place, it was premised on American exceptionalism, the idea that America could use its power in instances where others could not because it was more virtuous than other countries. The doctrine of pre-emption against terrorist threats contained in the 2002 National Security Strategy was one that could not safely be generalized through the international system; America would be the first country to object if Russia, China, India or France declared a similar right of unilateral action. The United States was seeking to pass judgment on others while being unwilling to have its own conduct questioned in places like the International Criminal Court.

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