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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Indonesia Cluster Deaths Worry Bird Flu Virus Experts

While news of the increasing number of countries with H5N1 Avian Bird Flu has gained press, the worrisome aspects of the recent outbreak have not gained recognition. Perhaps this is the best, since the potential for hysteria and mass chaos are real. This is already occurring in India, where the head of the farmer's association accused the Indian government of spreading false news at the behest of Multnational Corporations (MNCs) to destroy the Indian poultry industry. ...

On the other hand, the recent spate of cluster deaths in Indonesia worries experts most. According to The National Business Review:

A New Zealand avian influenza expert says the growing trend of clusters of human bird flu infections in Indonesia is worrying.

Bird flu is spreading around the world, with India reporting its first suspected human death from the virus and confirmation in France of the first case of the H5N1 strain.

Professor Roger Morris, a professor of Animal health at Massey University, is part of a team working on plans in case of a possible outbreak in Britain.

He says Indonesia is the only country to report increasing human clusters of the virus, which is a development researchers will be watching closely.

Mr Morris says in the early stages of a pandemic there would be increased clusters of human infections, with less association between the human and bird infections.

Officials in India are testing dozens of people for bird flu.
The results of a worldwide pandemic would be economically and humany devastating according to recent reports. One report shows that up to 142 million people would die from such a plague. According to a recent meeting in Florida, offcialis told the audience that the government is not prepared for a pandemic and that they should not hope to rely on the government for help when a pandemic occurs.

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