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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Indonesia Bird Flu Strain Worries Experts

Indonesia has experienced the most cases of humans suffering from Avian Bird Flu this year. Governmental inefficiencies and social variables may be the cause for this. The longer that Indonesia cannot control the spread of the disease, the greater the potential for Bird Flu mutating into a form that humans can transmit to other humans.

This is the greatest concern for doctors and governments around the world. If this happens, a pandemic would sweep the world, causing up to 200 million deaths worldwide. ...

According to The Sydney Morning Herald:

Andrew Jeremijenko says there is data to show the H5N1 virus, which has been killing humans in Indonesia, is different from the one that is killing birds. [my empahsis]

"So far the investigations have been unable to match the viruses," he told the ABC yesterday. "They don't seem to be able to match the viruses from the human case to the animal case. And that is putting the world at threat.

"Every human case is another potential mutation that could turn this virus into a pandemic virus."
Of course, if you're really worried about the Bird Flu in America, you can always read the booklet put out by the state of New York.

For a sobering report on what one US business leaders learned from world-renowned virologist, John Oesterhaus, in Minneapolis, listen to NPR's report. Also, check out the end of my posting that links to a Miami Herald article that quotes Florida governor Jeb Bush telling people not to rely on state officials during a pandemic.

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