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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Growing Anxiety in Africa Over Bird Flu: UN Blocked from Nigerian Chicken Farms

Only reacting to the incredibly quick advance of Bird Flu from China westward when European nations began reporting dead swans, the US media once again shows its bias against Africa and eastern nations. While Indonesia is the current hotspot when it comes to cases of humans afflicted with the disease and succumbing to it, the circumstances in Africa--where AIDS sufferers provide an ideal place for the Bird Flu virus to mutate--present a far more problematic scenario.

Cultural, governmental, and other social obstacles stand in the way of Africa's adequately addressing the threat. Epidemiologists speculat that once this disease gains a foothold in Africa, it will mutate into a virus that human can transmit to human. ...

According to The Standard:

Authorities in the northern Nigerian state of Kano, where deadly bird flu is decimating chickens and endangering people, have discouraged UN experts from visiting poultry farms.

Two experts from the Food and Agriculture Organization have arrived in the capital of the state, where the deadly H5N1 strain was confirmed on February 8 on two farms, and more than 30 other farms are reporting mass poultry deaths.

The Kano state authorities "said it was not feasible in terms of biosecurity," said Boubacar Seck, coordinator of the FAO West African Regional Project on Avian Influenza.

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