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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"18" Ascending

Fascism seems to have a life of its own. Communism used to be thought to be deadly to universal peace and happiness. But what passed for communism was just really fascist. Whatever the case, with the communism's death in the Soviet Union and Europe, its evil twin fascism has made its comeback from the land of the dead. ...

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The man calls himself Tesak (machete) — “because I like knives” - and wears big black boots and a short, padded jacket.

“At the moment in Russia we’re not very organized, there is no single leader. We just have groups of five or 10 people who go out to kill Armenians, Chinese, Tajiks,” he said.

His group Format 18 — the numbers one and eight represent the initials of Adolf Hitler — posts videos of its attacks on its Web site. One clip shows a group of young, muscular men in their uniform of jeans and boots beating a Tajik trader in a market before it ends with the slogan of “White Power”.

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