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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Addendum to Deleted Cheney Emails

The issue of the missing Cheney emails on Valerie Plame calls to mind several issues:

1) In the letter to Libby's lawyer, Fitzgerald says that the emails were irrelvant to the case. How does he know? If they were deleted, then it would be impossible to tell, wouldn't it? ... {more}

2) a. Deleting emails is not as simple as just pushing the delete button. As many people know, a deleted file is not really deleted until it is overwritten by another file or the disk is fromatted. To delete something like this takes some time and effort.

b. Not only that, but even "deleted" files that have been overwritten or reformatted can be recovered using special software and hardware. Did Fitzgerald's team try to do this? Why not?

c. On top of the above, deleting emails is even a tougher task than deleting other files. As system administrators will tell you, an email server is a different computer that tracks and logs emails. Deleting one of this, again, takes some time, expertise, and effort.

d. Does Fitzgerald's team have the computer savvy to know any of this? Did he try to subpoena the disks/server on which the emails used to be and get some email guru to try and recover those emails?

e. In most LANs all files are backed up. If this is true (and why wouldn't it be?) of the WH system, did they try to look for those emails on the backup system? If they did and the files are missing from there too, then what does that say? That means that someone not only took a huge amount of time and effort to delete them from an email server, but they also did the same thing with the backup system.

f. All of the preceding gives the impression of: conspiracy to cover up and destroy evidence.

3.) Was anyone fired for not following WH protocol on archiving emails? If not, why not? If so, fine I guess. Someone should have the guff to ask McClellan this in a news conference.

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