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Friday, December 09, 2005

Over 50% Say Impeach Bush

Ever since the Bush administration rushed this country into war based on lies and manipulated intelligence data, I've called in print and online for his impeachment. With Bush's approval ratings at over 90 percent in those days, the thought of impeaching him sounded worse than absurd--it no doubt verged on lunacy.I reported several weeks ago that new polls showed a growing number of Americans wanted Mr. Bush impeached. These poll results were very hard to find in the mass media.

Now, Zogby research has done another poll on the question, and over 50 percent of the rAmericans asked think that that Bush should be impeached. Again, though, I can guarantee you that very few people heard about the poll or their results.

See the article by Jamison Foser at Media that analyzes the surprising lack of reporting on these poll results. While there, take a look at what he writes on the supposed poll "bounce" for Bush in the last week. He also investigates the mystery surrounding why the mass media have not reported Republican Senator--and war hero--Chuck Hagel's denunciation of Pres. Bush as "unAmerican."

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