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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

An old Boxing Story, Science vs. Religion and the Hermetic

To paraphrase Socrates in his response to Protagoras in that too much neglected toten tanz dialog, _Protagoras_, "huh?"

As you will, Socrates and his nemesis and protagonist duked it out one day in the school of ideas. As usual, that ignoramus Socrates had gone to pay homage to the great man for, he said, "whoever can teach me how to sew the soul into a comfortable fit is a seamstress I need to meet." Now Protagoras was game for Socrates' usual shenanigans--relying on the power of a good story and some pretty decent rhetorical floursihes, he got Soc on the ropes... but Soc maneuvered Protag into the middle of the ring and gave him an uppercut of eristic that wobbled the old sophist's knees. Indeed, what is courage, one might ask? What is virtue and can it be taught--old saws that Soc tried to answer and had gone punch-drunk against the best sucker-punchers of old, gay Athens.

And they fought to a draw, it seems, something to write down in the history books of philosophical pugilism. For they had knocked each other so silly that they came out wearing each other's jock straps--old Soc thought that virtue indeed might be a form of knwoledge, whereas Protag now thought as Soc once had, that virtue cannot be taught. And thereby hangs the history of boxing in the western world.

BTW When will science get the tool it needs to figure out that it does not need to feel so horny for mystery? Is this penis envy or what? Yes, religion has the hearts and minds of the masses, but science shouldn't envy that popularity. Nor does it to go transvestite and begin to caniibalize religion's meat like some crazy Ed Gein.

BTWBTW When will religion just realize that the world is simply just not set up to answer every pinhead who gets a divine revelation up his/her arse? These big windbags of theologians who want to turn God into a quark-o-meter or big banger--what's the use. Yes, I know life is dark and dumb and death waits to steal that last breath of fetid constipation; but hey, what's to be done? I say take up boxing shadows like that Tarsus guy; he knew how to go a few rounds with the best of them: Socrates or Plato or that putz Ari -- "pedal to the medal" -- Totle.

PS As to the hermetic "sciences:" May the beast that lies in the negredo of melancholy woods stink up the urn of thy snottiness. When the body has stunk on the autopsy table and the gangrenous pus does liquefy like the jism of Mercury, take it and bake it for 30 years. In the bowels of the sacred chalice, the womb of Aphrodite, the mons of desire--take and it and shake in the brain pan (not stirred) of the young (also called jung, to those who know). Then, at the place where the bell tolls nonce, when the white crow spells the sacred formula in a code only you will know--then, thou wilt know the golden arm of everlasting joy, the sacred orgasm of dancing masters, the undying prize of the green horse who has run in the celestial realms and returned for thee.

PSS The secret brotherhood waits to deliver its message to the people of the earth. Their ships ride the clouds. Soon... it will be soon.

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