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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Letter in Support of Shirin Ebadi

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Ayatollah Shahrudi,
Head of the Judiciary
Mohammad Khazaee,
Ambassador and Permanent
Representative of the Islamic Republic
of Iran to the United Nations

I want to add these words in support of the recent letter asking you to help stop the attacks on Shirin Ebadi and the organization she heads. If the stories of these attacks are true, they represent a stain against the honor and words of the people and land of Iran. They surely represent an assault not only on a noble and courageous person but on the very being of justice itself.
Ms Ebadi's work has always been to bring the peace of Allah and the justice of the Most High into reality. The words she has written have inspired many to see Islam, Iran, and the revolution as beacons of hope and potential joy. I have taught her work to others in America and their hearts were softened from ignorance of Islam and its teaching to openness and dawning awareness.

I personally have opposed on my blog and website any attack by the United States or any other nation on Iran. I have defended the good faith and rational actions of Iran in seeking its best interests.

With these thoughts in mind, I therefore beg the Supreme Leader to personally seek the swift and immediate stop to all attacks and efforts to silence, threaten, intimidate, or harm Mrs. Ebadi. Please find the mercy of Allah in your heart to seek understanding of her words and actions where you may now see something more sinister. I believe that a woman with the purity of heart that she reveals in her writings harbors no harmful intent to you or to Iran.

May the Will of Allah Be Done and His Peace Be Yours,

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