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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Genesis of Atheism, on Video and Tape

The Huge Entity links to a series of videos outlining the history of modern atheism. I say modern atheism, since I think that there are ancient versions of it, as well, though perhaps Huge and others think it's a manifestation of modern science alone. Ancient forms include the Indian Carvaka and Hellenistic Epicureanism. I'd also include various forms of Buddhism, though I think Houston Smith disagrees with that view. Since the videos only cover the last 500 years, you'd also have to include the Renaissance as pre-Modern, so does Bruno fit the model of an atheist? What about Machiavelli and those who gravitated to varying degrees close to his views?

Note: You'll have to download Veoh to see the videos. It's relatively painless to do so.

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