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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Why the Bees Are Dying

The reason why millions of bees are dying around the world has still not been discovered. At least until now. In talking with my downstairs neighbor, I noted a bee buzzing around the small garden in the backyard. She then informed me that "they" had just discovered why.

I'd just heard NPR interview a noted bee expert from an Illinois university say that she was as perplexed as others about why bees are dying. So, I was intrigued by my neighbor's information, to say the least.

According to her, she had read in her church's newsletter that scientists had just cracked another small part of the atom. This particle (she did not know what to call it, so I am inserting my own limited understanding of quantum physics here) is so small that it's a special particle (for some reason).

In cracking this particle, the scientists had unleashed (is that the right word?) the voice of God. Now that this voice is unleashed, it is permeating (?) resonating throughout creation. The presence of God's voice in nature is so distracting to the bees that they cannot find their ways back to their hives.

The implications of all this are to be later revealed. (I am not sure whether she actually said this, or this is my own somewhat sarcastic impression of her testimony.)

I mentioned that scientists are still perplexed as to why the bees are disappearing, and I mentioned the bee expert from Urbana. My neighbor said that the expert probably hadn't heard of the discovery and cracking of this particle.

I left the conversation at that, since I saw that she was very keen on this explanation. I saw that if I appeared skeptical she might become resentful and hurt. She was very certain that her church's newsletter was right.

She is a member of a Messianic Jewish church. I do not know whether this news has been widely disseminated, but I want to investigate the news further. So I will probably try to engage her in further discussion, hiding my skepticism and hopefully getting a look at the newsletter.

For one thing, I'd like to know what the subatomic particle is that scientists have lately discovered or "cracked." I haven't heard of any. I'd also like to read the biblical justification for interpreting any such discovery.

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