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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Iran, Again

And you thought that the Bush admin had learned its lesson about unilateral invasions of sovereign countries. Iran is an abscess on Cheney's ass, it seems, that he's just itching to lance.

Col Lang has links to two articles with some comments. Lang notes:

This one is one of the more obvious propaganda efforts by the Cheney/Luti/Abrams/Addison wing of the Bush Administration to plant stories in the press that seek to demonize Iran enough to make war with that country seem desirable. According to this tale, Iran, AQ and the Taliban are all just one big happy Muslim family...
Then there's this little ditty from today's news:
The manoeuvre comes less than two weeks after US Vice President Dick Cheney, speaking aboard the Stennis during a tour of the Gulf, said Washington would stand with others to prevent Iran gaining nuclear weapons and “dominating the region”.
It seems that the Bushite/neocon clan just can't wait to see the Mideast go up in flames. After all, gas is only at $3.30 and rising and the oil cronies are making record profits. When you're in business you have to plan for the future right?

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