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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Great Musicians 1

Captain Beefheart (don van Vliet) haunted my adolescent drug-induced vortices every time I ventured out of my self-imposed isolation and into the drug caves. Actually, I have others to thank for introducing me to Beefheart's genius.

At the time, the angst and terror I experienced each time I imbibed the evil weed incapacitated me from properly socializing with these poseurs who thought I was some form of Dostoevskian Idiot. Be that as it may, across the years, I thank them for playing the Captain's records to accompany me along my progress through the pilgrim's wasteland of modern America.

If you haven't hear the Captain, there's now a short video of him talking nonsense (in the Wittgensteinian sense) to a friend who's taken the effort to capture the wraith that's the Captain on video.

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