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Thursday, December 21, 2006

War in Iran!?

So my mind was beginning to regain some peace with regard at least to a potential attack on Iran. But the rattling of the teapots started becoming metallic from the neocon wing. Stories began appearing in the liberal press that the US navy was moving its large armada into the Persian Gulf.

Then last week, a military pundit's whose take on foreign affairs I regard highly appeared. Former US Defense Intelligence Agency operative Pat Lang posted at his blog that he believes that there's a better than 50 percent chance that Bush will attack Iran in the next few months.

Adding to the mounting tension is the press coverage of Iranian president Ahmadinejad’s controversial and inane Holocaust conference. The coverage itself was not surprising, but the way that the press painted the idiot as a Hitler avatar made clear that there’s more here than outrage. There’s an obvious attempt to demonize the man in the same way that Hussein was before the invasion of Iraq.

At this blog I have followed the systole and diastole of this story. Beginning with stories about plans by Israel to attack Iran late last year, I have tried to show that any attack would be disastrous for the US.

Most of my commentary has tried to undermine the assumptions made by those promoting this military gaffe. Paramount among these assumptions in my mind is the idea that Iran poses any danger to either the US or Israel. Of secondary importance is deflating the idea that Ahmadinejad has any real power in the Iranian hierarchy.

Today, Glenn Greenwald posts another peeling of the Bush admin/neocon disinformation onion. What makes Greenwald’s analysis superior to anything you’ll find on the web is the exhaustive documentation of sources and his destruction of the fallacious reasoning that accompanies the assertions made by this ideological camp.

With Bush in something of a corner politically, it looks like he’s about to commit another one of those fiascoes that will make his name go down in US history as the president whose actions began the decline of the American system. I have recently characterized Bush’s spiritual/psychological nihilism. It appears that he is bent on carrying out his suicidal foreign policy to its dismal and chaotic inferno.

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