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Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Fate of the Republic Hangs on a Man's Frail Spirit

Pres. Bush is a dangerous man at this moment. While his lackeys may try to salve his pride with the idea that he's Truman, the only give em hell that George has left is the last sick gasp of a fool running from the derision of history.

Let's hope George listens to his toadies, for if he doesn't then I fear that Pat Lang is right--we are looking at a man who wants desperately to mean something in the world and to do so he just might take us all with him as he jumps off the next cliff. The drug of power may have just put the type of delusion in this man's mind that LSD used to evoke. ...

There's something sinister in looking at recent videos of George sitting next to James Baker as Baker reels off the mistakes that little George has made. You can actually see George shrinking in his skin as the living ghost of his father looms before his eyes and reprimands him for having done something stupid.

But there's even more than this, I fear, lurking in George's shriveling spirit. There's the look of nihilistic fury that a man who believes that heaven is nigh gets when his God has let him down. As that world-shattering vision fades before his eyes and the fatal brutality of the hells he has spawned in his fanatical belief in apocalypse rises up like so many hundreds of thousands of terrorized children there is truly the fear that a sucicidal mania will grip his weak mind.

God save the republic. And may those who believed in this man and brought him to power find themselves rooting around for salvation in the ruins they have made of a once great country.

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Anonymous said...

May God also save us from his rabid flock, delusional Jones Town Millienialists wanting to spread their poisonous morals, and unsound thinking practices, that they want to burden upon everyone else except themselves...verily verily yeah...

Bush umplugged...when?

LostBob said...

I have long suspected the Dubya did not enter the Texas Air National guard to avoid the war in Vietnam. Rather, I think he wanted to go to war and his daddy wouldn’t let him. Dubya’s obsession with becoming a wartime president was all about showing his daddy that he really could have a war of his own (and show up daddy in the process). Being publicly called on the carpet by Uncle Jim has not set well. You are right. Dubya is pissed. Dubya thinking of himself as Trumanesque is frightening.