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Sunday, November 26, 2006

war my king with mammon entrails round waist bedight

war is the hammer to break into little pieces
the nations that bow not to mammon the sacrifice
the ritual piety are the byways highways and skyways
that enjoin obedience to the will of the juggernaut

take iraq:chaos precedes the creative peace the war
machines need to enforce martial law the regimes
of conduct and life-form that the juggernaut breeds
in cryptoclastic symbiosis with electro-mechanical
appendages:for the machine rises like a steel burnished
phoenix from the chaos the level ground where all
is built anew amid fraud corruption and tyrant fist

wrapped in oily garb:shaken from slumber in blood:
war dredges from crypts the dead whose
dying breath cursed stars spangles and stripe:
our king walks in oedipal haste thru halls
hung with intestinal testaments to his mute
and hazy vision of halcyon days though he dance
before the ark of a covenant of death

justify naught save the blood-lust dressed
in twilit rags:thy despair
remains unseen because thou seekest
ghosts in the skies:lame hunchback
psychic assassin who cannot live
with your deformed pain: see empire
impotent rage:the kingdom whose light
has died many deaths in your zeal
for destroying the human you say god
formed from dirt but you bury
because your heart craves the image
that god hath cast into gehenna

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