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Thursday, November 16, 2006

scenes for the massacre of innocents:the jihadi-crusaders storm heaven

1.jesuits read benny's mail as memory dies in bazaar of lies

the jesuits have used their memory machines to remember that war is no longer the answer. they've been reading bin-laden's mail:sorry benny but the boys with romantic notions of dying for the jihad are dwindling or finding other lovers. the jihad sputters out and the moderates mumble their way to the top of the ash heap.

my relatives all died in the search for a truth that's been leveled beneath the public good. but then we're all human and that truth is as good and maybe moreso than any other in the interregnum between holocaust and the gehenna of rebirth.

2.hambone in the mouth doth drain the brain of gristle

si senor yo sabe il sacra biblia. me wonderest how much of the quote:dogma:unquote ye have read great hambone of the intellect. whose dogma anyway and for what reason hath thou thrown this steely bone in the face of a poor simpler hearted tinker? speaketh thou gristly purveyor of dogmatic lunacies.

3.gothic mansion in the proletariat's glorious death at the gate

u haven't been listening i guess for you mistake not only who u think you are talking to but also the object of your ridicule. frankenstein socialist and creator friend of republicans true revolutionaries:not the ilk spewing ideology and purity in its gotterdammerung of us foreign and domestic policy. eat that you slimy shade of the real:a man whose historical sense knows better than to impose ideology or crude and trite caricatures onto something he knew better of.

4.anal investigations god hating atheistic script in the word of design

commie fags expect u to learn sodomy anal investigations circle jerks while desecrating the bible:and no i speaketh not of the haggard tim or foley folly. repent thou babel-fish and learn the screed that that the secular hordes and barbaric godhaters expect thou to imbibe with mommas milk fed through a test tube of a cloned-cow-human using stem cells of babies born in a laboratory.

5.enter herr pseudo-spengler in cassandra drag eyes dripping on her sleeve

still waiting are we in the gloom of herr pseudo-spengler's false cassandra prediction that the us will slay the persians of the ruddy blood fields of the mideast? once a prophet's predictions die on the wing the prophet doth shrivel amongst the ruins.

doubt thine sense sayeth the brain in a vat. the cynical have said they'll not strike the persians:as the pseudo-spengler hath writ:his cassandra voice is a wee junko on the wing of pseudo-twilit eve.

6.universe on fire:heraclitus bites a clitoris

dare i dip a toe in that wading pool as the man of dark gnomic sayings who slept in dung to light the universe on fire once asked of a wider meandering stream that some will falsely call life?

7.Coda:machiavell got the blues

machiavelli got the blues
when the romans got their dues
when the republic fell
was what he'd tell
to those who asked
what caused the empire to stall
for polybius said it's round and round
that states do turn to ground
out their fate of rise and fall
only to begin once more in Gaul

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