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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

moronic murti bing smile at the hollywood bazaar

the Iraqi dead are not happy. they seek justice that cries from the stones and sand and desert itself. happiness--as the philosopher once said--is best served cold. tho i do not seek vengeance justice demands to be cried from the roof tops.

divine love demands justice be done in the love that emanates from doing good to others and for others. when the assassin comes to your door give him a bed a meal but do not invite the dagger to strike your daughter. ...

it is only when the assassins have their hearts changed into neighbor-enemy love:that not done by human power--never ever will the gonads seek more than revelation in the tribal justice and blood land and eretz that population and culture propagate.

the moronic smile of murti bing sold at the hollywood bazaar is a cheap high and the plastic jesus hanging from the rearview mirror brings nothing but more dead more hate and vengeance-filled plates whose naked lunch few if any amurricans care to see.

methinks that divine imagination and creative poet who once walked jerusalem's alleys spoke a revolution that the moms and pops and their american pie true blue empire have muzaked into murti bing bliss pills.

happiness--what is that? is it some moronic smile that murti bing sells at the hollywood bazaar?

that holiness--that is not mine thine or any human. only the divine is holy:dare we try to share it in any way that would not offend?

am i deus ex machina? not a deus assuredly not:a machina yes but one that's more tin man and less borg.

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