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Monday, November 06, 2006

Daily HotShots!

I'll be adding to the list throughout the day...

US lurches closer to recession before elections. The source in this report (an avowed Leftist), of course, will be the determining factor in who accepts the conclusions of the data presented. The data, though, is quite compelling.

The Haggard latest ... And I thought I'd get through this without linking to anything that has to do with this stupid story. But then I see Crunchy's got one of the best analyses I've seen on Haggard's boy-toy fetish. Yes, Ted's a creep, but his wife's frigid... The logic here is jaw dropping; even assuming that Mrs. Haggard is withholding her favors, Ted's preference tells me that it's not her frigidity that's the issue (if there IS an issue) but his proclivity. The guy likes men--maybe bi- or homo-sexually, whatever, you can't pin the problem for his issues onto Mrs. Haggard, whose will to stand beside and defend Ted earns my respect.

Israel's Large-Scale Killing of Palestinians Passes Unnoticed Those cynical Israeli politicians. Exploiting American indifference to anything having to do with Palestinians, they go on a killing rampage. This has been happening for 60 years, who cares? As I suggested in an earlier posting, after its defeat by Hizbullah Israel would take out its defeat by beating up (read "killing") Palestinians. Unfortunately, I think that has come true.

Minister Lieberman Calls for Separation from Arabs Disclaimer: This man is NOT related to Senator Joseph "Joe" Lieberman from Connecticut.

Misinformation Intern: My summer as a military propagandist in Iraq Ever wonder what a real-life Winston Smith (Orwell's double in 1984) might feel like? This story gives another small window into the world of information manufacturing and propaganda creation--the main way that US politicians create political reality.

Muslim Propaganda at the University of Chicago Okay, let's assume for the moment that this historian is right. Can you really see anti-Semitism (or is it anti-Israelism) in the arrangement of artifacts in a museum exhibit?

US DEFENDS itself on global warming at annual U.N. climate conference.

Islamism's failure, Islamists' future Roy has written intelligently about threats, trends, and scenarios of the Islamist project for over a decade. His remarks on the Islamists' dilemma shows that they do indeed adapt to historical circumstance, contrary to many of the Islamophobic paranoiac revelations.

Presidential IQ Adams, Jefferson, Kennedy, Clinton--all very smart guys. But you really want to know where GW is on the list, don't you?

Frantz Fanon - On Culture The African political philosopher lectures about what some have called the more important issue.

It's Getting Better All the Time -- Dawkins on Morality Richard says morality happens.

God's War: A New History of the Crusades A new history of the Crusades is welcome indeed, especially when you have Islamophobes out there passing along revisionist versions of the crusades that strangely resemble the so-called war on terror. Of course, the details of history always belie cliches and stereotypes. This is not your father's Crusades nor the liberal or Xtian version either.

The Misunderstood Jew That Jesus was a Jew is a no-brainer. The question in many historical-critical circles is whether he was talking for only Jews or for something else, whatever that might be. This book argues for the former; the reviewer frames it in terms of the latter.

I See Dead People: The Theory-Industry and Revolutionary Practice Okay, hold your nose with both fingers, remember to breathe through your mouth, and wade through this article that actually says some intelligent things, especially if you lean way left.

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