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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Daily HotShots! 11*11*06

The days bring news of the technocrats vying for power. Each side accuses the other of having no plan for Iraq. But what's a plan and who gets to define its objectives and methodology? The worst plans are compromise documents worked out without all interested parties--the people killing each other--getting involved. There can be no imposed peace just as democracy cannot be imposed.

I heard an Iraqi sociologist on the radio talk about American long-term interests in the region being hurt if the right plan is not drawn up. Jim Webb--perhaps the smartest guy on the subject right now--says the US should pull out soon, build no permanent bases, and let the Iraqis duke it out. Let the chips fall where they may.

When people talk about American interests, they usually mean oil. At least that's what those insiders who know mean. How far can the Democratic technocrats go away from this bottom-line issue without seeming to be wandering in la-la land? Yet, confronting the American public with the stark choices of energy policy is something few politicians will have the stomach for. But it's this type of honesty that's required to forestall future debacles in the Mideast not to mention the prospect of dark days for future generations.

NB The US continues its record of supporting Israeli war crimes in the Palestinian occupied territories.

The Post-Election Price of Oil: Up, Up, and Away? Those crafty--or is it greedy?--oil companies. Who says politics and business don't mix?

Victory Without Vision
That was a short honeymoon--now let's get to work. But what's going to drive this insurrection of the middle in US politics, as the pundits might put it? (h/t Leiter)

Western Iowa Republican Meltdown - This is BIG! People have predicted for a while that the evangelicals would break from the Republican party and create their own. Is this the start of that?

Politics & Evangelicals I'm not sure that Ali has his facts right on this, but the point still stands I think.
Muslim women find their voice If there's one voice for moderation in the Muslim world that stands out, it is the voice of Muslim women.

Movie Review: Confederate States of America With people saying that the Republican party is turning into a regional--read southern--party, perhaps it is time to rent this DVD.

N. T. Wright and the War on Terror It's not every day that a specialist scholar tries to adapt their views to real issues in the real world. How much so with NT biblical scholars. The bishop of Durham--and world-recognized scholar--Wright rightly does so, for better or worse. A little better than worse, I think.

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Renegade Eye said...

This is a really good blog.

I think the US ruling class, will unite on a George Bush (41)/Henry Kissinger type strategy for Iraq.

The Democratic activists who voted Democratic, thinking their party will leave Iraq, will be disappointed. Both parties are committed to "victory" in Iraq, whatever that means.