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Monday, October 02, 2006

Call for Kierkegaard Carnival Submissions

I am hosting the Kierkegaard Carnival, which I set up at Blog Carnival. If you have an online posting about any aspect of Kierkegaard's philosophy, religious writing, politics or anything else, please consider submitting it to the Kierkegaard Carnival. ...

To submit your posting for consideration, see the Kierkegaard Carnival page at Blog Carnival.

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Quin Finnegan said...

Yep, I'd like that a lot. My posts all began with the "Korrektiv Summer Reading Club" over at Jonathan Potter (whom I'm cc'ing, in case you haven't written him) has already done a fairly complete job of compiling all the comments in order.

I'd say my own input has been fairly spotty in places, and maybe we can ammend some things between now and then, but here and there I think we've come up with a few gems. Thanks much for finding us.