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Monday, August 21, 2006

Too Early To Endorse But Heads Up Call on Hagel

Scott at Just World News analyzes Sen. Chuck Hagel's recent statements on Iraq, including Hagel's appearance on Fox News.

I have been watching Hagel since he lambasted Bushco on their Iran policy. His speech at Brookings also makes the most sense of anyone I have heard so far--right or left. When I posted a tirade against Democrats for lining up to kiss Israel's behind in its invasion of Lebanon, I noted that only Hagel came out with a scathing rebuke of Bush and Israel. ...

Scott writes:

This may be a useful check on our "thinking" about Hagel, perhaps. Then again, Hagel in many ways stands as one of the more credible and important political voices of dissent in Washington, especially on US foreign policy towards the Middle East. He also seems more "compelling," as of now, than anyone on the Democratic side - though I am still looking.

At least on Middle East matters, Hagel seems to me to be well "above" the Republican-Democrat fray. He has the potential to be "truly" different, even when, or especially when, the partisans mindlessly find agreement.
Hagel's war experiences give his presence and words gravitas and, no doubt, some legitimacy when it comes to foreign policy issues. He probably stands for everything I am against in terms of domestic policy, but his demeanor and speech make me believe that he really thinks in terms of real debate and the value of differences of opinion than anything Bush could ever mumble.

Having recently finished Pocock's Machiavellian Moment and revisited the republican world-view of the founding fathers and their Renaissance forebears, I think that Hagel is a republican (note small "r"), in the best possible sense of that concept.

It was then that I called for Hagel to run for President, a guy who not only has sex appeal but also seems to have something between his ears besides hair.

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