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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Not All Terrorists Alike?

In an article entitled, "Islamic radical groups are not all alike," Laura Rozen notes that it's a logical mistake to lump all terrorists in the same camp. They have different objectives.

Rozen writes:

Pluchinsky says as esteem for Hezbollah has risen , Al Qaeda has tried to get in on the action. ``Now bin Laden has an opportunity to step forward and show support, and to try to link what's happening in Lebanon to what's happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. And Hezbollah says, `No, there's no link at all.' "

The United States could still be drawn in, if current peace efforts fail and a regional war ignites. According to Magnus Ranstorp, a Swedish expert who has interviewed hundreds of members of Hezbollah, the only real way for Israel to defeat Hezbollah will be to take out its political leadership.
Hizbullah's enemy is Israel, not the US. HB came out against the bombing by al-Qaeda of NYC and the Pentagon.

This is why the US should disengage its foreign policy from reflecting Israeli interets. They do not coincide.

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