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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Israeli Propaganda Talking Point 08/09/06

Today's Mossad talking point focuses on the alleged propaganda efforts of Hizbullah. Talk about looking in a mirror! With the overwhelming weight of mass media outlets affirming and spouting Israeli propaganda talking points, it seems more than ironic that the Mossad spin-meisters feel threatened by whatever efforts that Hizbullah might make, should the accusations be true. ...

Today's talking point focuses on a blog called Little Green Footballs. This blogger has not only weasled his way into appearing on mass media TV shows, he's also getting into print. While there's little oversight of whom reporters and other mass media hacks cite as sources, calling this person an expert deserves huge hoots of laughter.

Glenn Greenwald has tracked the ravings and seamier side of this blogger's screeds. In addition, Greenwald--who's guest-blogging at this week--has taken on the big coup that right the blogsophere, along with Mossad believe they have scored recently: the doctroing of photos by a Hizbullah supporter who worked as a photographer for Reuters.

According to Greenwald, the entire Reuters mishap has been blown way out of proportion:

The Reuters sideshow these past few days has led journalists -- who are demonized and attacked by these right-wing blogs on an almost daily basis -- to fall all over themselves praising these bloggers as guardians of truth and accuracy. But the real core and function of these blogs is too glaring, ugly and extreme to ignore forever. The media coverage will come, and I think its impact will be significant. The right-wing blogs provide a vehicle to vent and inflame -- and therefore a window to examine -- the real impulses and desires that fuel much of the Bush movement.

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