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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Iranian Govt. Destroys the Flowers of Its Spring

An Iranian inmate peers from behind a wall as a guard walks by at the female section of the infamous Evin jail, north of Tehran. (Photo: Atta Kenare / AFP-Getty Images)

An Iranian student dissident was found dead in his cell. The news has not made the mainstream yet, but it is another sign that the corrupt and decrepit leaders of Iran have embraced the death of their own. ...

Via Butterflies and Wheels, reports:

In the early hours of July 31, more shocking news came out of Tehran's highly notorious Evin prison. This time it was not about another writer or activist's arrest; it was way beyond that. Akbar Mohammadi, a renowned student activist of the past decade had suspiciously died in his cell.

The news quickly spread to expat Iranian reporters, devastated another family's lives, alarmed the international as well as domestic human rights defenders, but was largely overshadowed in the international press due to the massive news coverage of the Middle East crisis and the U.N. Security Council's 1696 resolution on Iran's nuclear program.

Mohammadi, 36, who had spent almost half a decade of his youth in Evin prison on charges involving activities against the Islamic Republic, is the latest sacrificial victim of the freedom movement in Iran.

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