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Monday, August 07, 2006

Demographic Paranoia

In 2001, Patrick Buchanan wrote a book called The Death of the West. More recently, George Weigel, in The Cube and the Cathedral: Europe, America, and Politics Without God, also discusses what I will call the demographics of paranoia.

Tme main premises of this paranoia is that wnat used to be Christian Europe is not breeding enough people to sustain that civilization. Instead, the West faces a demographic threat from Moslems, who are breeding faster and more often. ...

In 1999, Samuel Huntington gave a lecture on this issue as it relates to Islam. In that lecture, Huntington notes:

Second, changes are occurring in the relative power of civilizations and their core states. The West has been the overwhelmingly dominant civilization for centuries, and it will remain so well into the next century. Nonetheless major forces are at work producing changes in relative power. These include the demographic stagnation and economic slowdown of the West, on the one hand, and the economic growth of East Asian societies and the demographic dynamism of Islamic societies on the other.
Weigel, for example, writes:
The first of these wars—let us, following the example of Spain’s birth certificates, call it “Culture War A”—is a sharper form of the red state/blue state divide in America: a war between the postmodern forces of moral relativism and the defenders of traditional moral conviction. The second—“Culture War B”—is the struggle to define the nature of civil society, the meaning of tolerance and pluralism, and the limits of multiculturalism in an aging Europe whose below-replacement-level fertility rates have opened the door to rapidly growing and assertive Muslim populations.
Also see Weigel's 2004 article in First Things

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