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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Responsibility (Again)

The situation in Iraq gets worse every day. From militias crusing like gangs through ethnic neighborhoods and killing others at random and simply because they belong to a different sect to continuing attacks on US troops--Iraq is a hell house that few except the Donald Rumsfeld and Pres. Bush can call "democracy at work."

Riverbend, a blogger in the heart of Iraq has been describing the growing civil war ever since the US invasion. On the current ethnic cleansing under way, she writes:

...Why don't the Americans just go home? They've done enough damage and we hear talk of how things will fall apart in Iraq if they 'cut and run', but the fact is that they aren't doing anything right now. How much worse can it get? People are being killed in the streets and in their own homes- what's being done about it? Nothing. It's convenient for them- Iraqis can kill each other and they can sit by and watch the bloodshed- unless they want to join in with murder and rape.
I think the sense of responsibility espoused by Pres. Bush and many in his administration--or who gets the body bags dropped off on their front step--is sorely immoral but typically 'Merican. Everyone knew that Iraq was a Pandora's box. Hussein maintained power because he understood the tribal dynamics at work and how ruthlessly murderous they were.

That's why the US supported him for so long. They used him to maintain control over a region that fit into US interests in the region. They were willing to look the other way because previous admins understood the chaos that would ensue were he to lose power.

Either through ignorance or in a deliberate attempt to destabilize the region, the Bush admin lifted the lid off of this Pandora's box. Either way, they are complict in every murder, assassination, and killing that the insurgents or terrorists do or indeed our own soldiers perpetrate.

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