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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Map on a Napkin to The Temple

Steve Lendman gives a decent schemtic of the Temple, aka the Federal reserve bank. There's some information here that I sure as hell didn't know: it's a privately owned organization, it was created by fiat by Congress, John Kennedy wanted to abolish it before he was shot.

On that last point: I am not a conspiracy theorist and I don't think that Kennedy was killed by a cabal of CIA/Mafia types. Still ...

Lendman's posting concludes:

The giant banks and corporations won't give it to us nor will a hostile government allied with them. It's up to us to go for it or likely perish if we fail. A good beginning would be by driving the Federal Reserve "money changers" out of our temple and the corporate giants with them. A better world is possible if we remember and live by political theorist Antonio Gramsci's inspirational words about "the optimism of the will." With it, organized people can find a way to beat organized money.

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