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Friday, July 21, 2006

Democratic Party: "Faciltating" Bush, Israel, and Massacre

Yep, there's a lot to read and wade through concerning the invasion, dismantling, and growing war crimes by Israel in Lebanon.

While you'd expect the Xtian nationalists and dispensationalists to pray that fire rains down on the ragheads, the neocons bathe in fantasy pools of blood, Bushco drag its feet through fields of dead children--you'd think, wouldn't you, that the party of the little guy, the underdog, the oppressed and persecuted would stand up and denounce the carnage that US taxpayer dollars buy?

Yeah, thats' what you'd expect if you were living in Lala land. ...

Okay, given the party's squishiness towards Bush's invasion of Iraq and its bend over and touch their toes response to domestic spying, asking for a truly moral response might be asking too much.

Nothing too straightforward, nothing extreme. Maybe just a peep, a hint of moral fiber. But no, silence. No bang. No sighs of regret or despair.

God forbid a bang. Just the stink of moral decrepitude while Democratic politicians wait, no doubt, for the focus groups to get together and determine Democratic moral vision.

Mojo Blog writes:

Okay, so yesterday was the deadliest day yet in the Israel-Hezbollah-Lebanon war, with Lebanese civilians bearing the brunt of Israeli attacks. Beirut residents believe anyplace might be bombed. Diplomats are predicting weeks of fighting. The U.S. has given Israel a green light to do whatever it sees fit. The U.N. is warning both sides in the conflict of war crimes liability. And the U.S. Congress? It's giving Israel "a vote of confidence."
The view of the management-style progressives, the ones who wait for the campaign pros to determine what side of the moral spectrum they live on is nicely voiced by Mr. Kall at
I see little value, with the current political power structure in the USA, of progressives bashing Israel without including the bigger picture. We need to stay together on this. Israel will change its ways when the US administration tells it to. That will happen when administrations change. And don't think any Administration will win that does not strongly stand for the survival of Israel. That is the political reality in the US. Four percent of the CNN poll support Hizbollah, not forty, not a majority. The solution lies in finding a way for peace to emerge as a positive win win answer for Israelis and Palestinians. I'm not sure Hizbollah, with all the support it gets from Iran will ever buy into a peaceful solution.
Meanwhile, from Lebanon's the blood-soaked ground Dahr Jamail reports:
On Tuesday, Israeli air raids struck the Christian coastal town of Byblos north of Beirut and the eastern city of Baalbek.

At the northern border I also interviewed a man named Abud Aziz, a 31 year-old Lebanese pastry chef from Beirut who carried his suitcase under a sweltering sun as he crossed the border into Syria for refuge. Having just fled Beirut, Aziz told me, "Lebanon is in a terrible state. I left everything but some cash and the clothes on my back. I ran for my life because of the hellish bombing!"

Aziz said there was no water or electricity since yesterday, anyone who could was leaving Beirut for the borders or mountains, and the bombing from Israeli war planes was rampant. "Yesterday I saw two hospitals bombed with my own eyes," he told me, "Nobody who remains in Beirut can be safe. No way."

A 25 year-old construction worker named Hamed also told me he witnessed war planes bomb a hospital in Beirut. "I left just hours ago, and I saw them bomb a hospital yesterday. They are bombing everything-houses, casinos, fuel stations and so many bridges."

"Very accurate," said Kaplinsky.
Yes, you Democrats, you triangulaters of temerity and craven mediocrity, you empty-headed and garbage filled windbags of platitudes, you prove what a terrible joke democracy in the US has become.

All you fancy pants liberals with your grand ideas of reasoned government. You make fun of the religious, but at least they know atrocity and massacre when they see it. Hell, even the damned pope condemns Israel's invasion of Lebanon. You can't even do that.

Imagine your shame--if you have any--to learn that Pat Buchanan--yes, that Pat Buchanan--has condemned the atrocities. If there's ever a place for shame, this is it.
[Their] bows also shall dash the young men to pieces; and they shall have no pity on the fruit of the womb; their eye shall not spare children. (Isa 13:18)
For a pictorial account of what sitting on the fence brings about, take a look at these. (Very graphic advisory; you are warned)

Update 1 If reasonable and rational debate is what you want, take a look at Larry Johnson's sensible suggestions for gaining peace in Lebanon:
There are some other options. We could recognize Hezbollah does have people in their ranks amenable to negotiation. If we pursue a political path, while not eliminating the option to take out terrorist elements, we have some new possibilities to consider. The United States needs take the lead in organizing a ceasefire, sooner rather than later. The ceasefire must be accompanied by the insertion of an international peacekeeping force with the muscle to shutdown rocket launches from Lebanon and an exchange of prisoners between Israel and Hezbollah.
I imagine that you'll be able to hear a pin drop from idiotic stupefaction when Johnson's assessment of Israel's miscalculated bloodthirsty invasion hits the email circuit.

Then there's Col. Pat Lang's assessment of the Israeli bullying strategy:
The Israelis seem to be even more egregious fantasists operating on the basis of imitation of the kid we all remember from the school yard who announced to you that he was going to beat you (Lebanon) up until you you became his friend. In this case there is a further refinement in that the bully (Israel) insists that you have to beat your cousin (Hizballah ) up as proof of your sincerity.

The latest newsroom fantasy insists that the Israelis will not have to occupy south Lebanon for long because the Lebanese Army is going to come down to take over the role of excluding the Hizballah (by force) from the area and that various foreign countries will contribute troops to a force to back up the Lebanese Army in keeping Hizballah fighters out of the area (by force).
We all know terrorists don't want peace. They just want to kill, kill, kill. Well, guess what boys and girls? So do "our guys," and our silence and our leaders' complicity in this atrocity should bring shame to our faces and repentance to our hearts.

Update 2 According to Monsters and Critics:
Congress was near unanimous in its hosannas for Israel`s military campaign to uproot Hezbollah from Lebanon`s body politic. Only Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb) was nuanced in his support, questioning Israel`s disproportionate response to the capture of three Israeli soldiers.
Chuck Hagel for President.

Update 3 Jewish Voices for Peace focuses on a House resolution that calls for cease-fire. They also identify those who voted for a resolution in support of the Israeli aggression:
Finally, we have a bill in the House of Representatives that we need to support. Brought by Dennis Kucinich and with 23 co-sponsors, H. Con. Res. 450 calls for an immediate cease-fire, multi-party negotiations and an international peacekeeping force. ... The bill we told you about earlier, H. Res. 921 passed very quickly through the House. 410 representatives voted for the bill, only 8 against, with 10 not voting and 4 voting "present", which is essentially an abstention.

Update 4 Replying to questions from Harper's, "Wayne White, now an Adjunct Scholar with Washington's Middle East Institute, was Deputy Director of the State Department's Office of Middle East and South Asia Analysis until March 2005" replies:
By the end of the crisis, the cost of rebuilding Lebanon will be incredibly high and the rebuilding effort quite prolonged, leaving most Lebanese, aside perhaps from the hard-core Christian right, considerably more hostile to Israel—and the United States—than ever before. In this respect, I find scenes of devastated Lebanese urban areas not only appalling, but frightening.
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