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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Military Tribunals To Begin at Guantanamo Concentration Camp

In an article describing how reporters have been asked to leave Guantanamo detention facility for "terrorists," Editors and Publishers almost off-handedly report that military tribunals will begin at the US concentration camp.

Isn't this news itself worthy of some reporting in the MSM? I, for one, think that the American public should know that the US military is about to carry ouyr kangaroo court proceedings against people who've never been accused of a crime and many of whom have been falsely incarcerated for over three years. ...

According to Edtitors and Publishers

J.D. Gordon, the Pentagon press officer, told E&P that these two reporters had been invited to come to Guantanamo last weekend for the start of tribunals. Mike Gordon and Observer photographer Todd Sumlin arrived to produce a profile of the camp commander, who hails from North Carolina. The suicides of the three detainees happened to occur in this time period and the tribunals were cancelled.

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