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Monday, May 22, 2006

Xtian Right Wakes Up to 666?

I have noted the Xtian Right's hypocrisy on the govt. spying scandal for some time. One of the key parts of rapture theology, a.k.a. Dispensationalism, is the idea that the Beast 666, the Devil's emissary, will institute a surveillance program to track everyone. ...

Now Pat Robertson has broken the odd silence about this issue in reference to allegations of spying by the NSA. According to the following, Robertson told a group of students:

In light of the NSA wire-tapping revelation, which he called a "tool of oppression," Robertson admonished the Bush administration for "encroaching on" Americans' personal liberties.

Now Bush is really in trouble. My guess has been that much of the remaining 29 percent faithful in the polls are the fanatically faithful Xtian Right. About seven months ago, I suggested that Bush's approval ratings would hit 25 percent. Once Robertson gets onboard the anti-Bush ship, we could see those poll numbers dipping to around 20 percent.

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