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Monday, May 22, 2006

Did Bush Lie About WMDs or Anything Else?

Obviously, for now that's simply impossible since we don't have access to all the evidence. The Senate is investigating these alleged lies about pre-war intel, but that investigation has been stymied by the Republicans. ...

Until such an investigation takes place, we in the public are left with the less rigorous baseline of probability. Therefore, we can induce from evidence like that provided by Paul Rosenberg that Bush probably has lied and continues to lie.

There is one fact that seems undeniable. Most people believe that Bush lied about WMDs. That's the common-sense conclusion that people have drawn from the oh-so-certain assertions made by Bushco that there were WMDs in Iraq and the fact that none were found.

Whether this latter case is one of perception vs. reality is perhaps a matter of political will. That is, Bushco has to counter this perception with some form of counter-probability. From the polls, it seems that everything they have tried so far to produce a perception of truthfulness emanating from the White House is not working.

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