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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Xtian Illusion

The illusion perpetrated by the current GOP and the Bush administration is the "messiah-king" Bush (see the agitprop film, "Faith in the WH). The way they construe the supernatural of the Xtian faith correlates to what Ricahrd Sennett calls the "invisible hand." This gives people the idea that the war, economic exploitation, and so on are predetermined, the will of an inscrutable god, beyond any of our control, etc. ...

Stir in the fact that many evangelicals are Dispensationalists, a brand of millenialism (think Left Behind here) and you have a game plan for control and exploitation that many believe is "from god."

The neocons have read their Marx very well. They've applied Marx's opiate of the masses to a sad, tragi-comic degree. Many of those who are evangelical come from the lower classes. They are often the ones who've been drug addicts, criminals, outcasts--brought into the "system" via conversion.

Their lives indeed have turned around--but they have been deceived into believing a lie, the lie that a socio-political system can accomplish god's will.


Iain Miller said...

What do you mean exactly when you say "neocons"? I want to know more about this. It would be better if you explained more.

the cynic librarian said...

The neocons, is a short name for neoconservatives. This is a group of conservatives who believe that America should assert its will thruout the world in the interests of freedom and the American way. They have inserted members of their group into the US government at various levels. Many people think that Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney ascribe to the neoconservative view that America should increase its influence in the world through empire-like activities.