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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Those Muslims Breed Like Rabbits, Doncha Know?

The posting from this blogger at GetReligion supports the view that Europe and western civilization face a dire threat from european muslims because europeans are breeding less and Muslims more. ...

The author says s/he writes for major newspapers in the US. If true, this is pretty frightenin. I do not accept his/her view simply because I think that european Muslims and arabs will be acculturated into western secularism long before their supposed monolithic desire to take over the world ever materializes.

This point, I think, makes this writer's main point rather moot:

And this question leads to another: Can we say that the Muslims in Europe — moderate, traditional and Islamist — are on the rise because, when it comes to family life, they are following their traditions (including faith) while the Europeans are in decline because they have written off their heritage of faith and family? This issue is implied, weakly, in Fleishman’s article, but never stated. At the very least, it would have been interesting to ask that question about nations such as, well, Italy and Ireland.
The fear-mongering in such views as this, however, say more than the actual facts that s/he might cite. Instead of promoting a message of tolerance and understanding, it in fact breeds distrust and non-understanding taht will only feed an incipient fascism based on those principles I've alluded to earlier: land, nation, blood (race, and religion.

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