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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Flight 93

Some conservative pundits are accusing liberals and leftists of being hypocrtical about 911 because they are, supposedly, reluctant to engage the issues raised by the film Flight 93 ...

I wonder, however, what these mind-reading scribes from the Right morass would thik of far-far-leftist Slavoj Zizek's comments on Flight 93. He says it--the actual act carried out by the passengers of the flight--is the defining moment of a post-911 world. In one version of his essay on 911, "Welcome to the Desert of the Real," he writes:

One of the heroes of the Shoah is for me a famous Jewish balerina who, as a gesture of special humiliation, was asked by the camp officers to perform a dance for them. Instead of refusing it, she did it, and while she hold their attention, she quickly grabbed the machine gun from one of the distracted guards and, before being shot down herself, succeeded in killing more than a dozen officers... was her act not comparable to that of the passengers on the flight which crashed down in Pennsylvania who, knowing that they will die, forced their way into the cockpit and crashed the plane, saving hundreds of others' lives?

For another version of this essay see here.

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