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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Worm at the Heart of America

The Bushites are beginning to exhibit a growing sense of collapse. For the last five years they came to believe their own propaganda.

They really do believe that Bush is a prophet and that he's come to save the true remnant of Xtianity within America. They must be somewhat perturbed at the thought that they're looking at seeing life from the margins again. ...

They thought that Bush's victory meant that their way of seeing the world had gained normativity; for so many years they sat along the sidelines hoping to set the true path to righteousness back on its track after the cultural train wreck of the last 35 years.

It seems they fear nothing worse than not being the reigning ethos. They thought starting a war would teach people the way to righteousness once again. By creating a military ethos they believed that they could stem the decay wrought by materialism and moral relativism.

Their despair is somewhat troubling, though. They're looking into the abyss of their dreams dashed and mocked and strewn before swine. There's an intense sense of violence at the heart of this despair.

This is the type of despair that I call the worm at the heart of America. It's a worm whose name is McVeigh.

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