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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

WMD Hypocrisy

The US went to war with Iraq over WMDs that we found out did not exist. The US wants to stop Iran from having nuclear technology, even though it now allows India to have them and even though that country flouted international nuclear conventions for a decade. Israel also continues to stock-pile nuclear weapons on the US Taxpayer's dime. Now it appears that the US itself is in violation of chemical weapons prohibitions. ...

According to Defense tech, the US is developing munitions that can deliver chemical/biological "agents":

In the same manner, there is also a need for delivering non-aerosol payloads or articles, including. but not limited to, flash grenades, concussion grenades, nets, noise generators, stun balls, tire puncturing elements, electromagnetic pulse generators, mines or bomblets, listening devices, signal emitting objects, unmanned aerial vehicles, biological/chemical agents, and the like for efficient, rapid dispersal and delivery.
How's that for teaching the world by example?

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