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Monday, March 27, 2006

Supreme Court Justice Judges Case Before Evidence Appears

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has publicly judged the facts of a case involving Guantanamo Base detainees before the evidence has even been presented to the justices on the high court. This violates several statutes and calls into question Scalia's objectivity and impartiality, virtues necessary in a judge who is to decide cases before him or her. Scalia should recuse himself from the Guantanamo Base litigation. ...

According to BBC News:

Judge 'rejects Guantanamo rights'
Justice Antonin Scalia
Mr Scalia reportedly finds reaction in Europe to the camp "hypocritical"
A US Supreme Court justice has been quoted as saying that Guantanamo detainees do not have the right to be tried in civil courts.

Newsweek magazine said it had heard a tape of a recent talk given by Antonin Scalia in which he made these comments.

The report comes as the court prepares to hear a challenge by a Guantanamo detainee against US military tribunals.
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