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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Most in US Think Evolution Just a "Theory"

A New Zogby poll shows that nearly 70 percent of Americans think that evolution is a theory whose facts are contravened by other facts. I think this means that most people just want to be "fair" to other viewpoints. Given the extreme esotericism of the scientific method, many Americans are simply superstitious and ignorant when it comes to the facts. ...

According to Catholic News Service:

Most Americans believe that public schools should provide students with evidence both for and against the theory of Darwinian evolution, according to a new nationwide poll.

The survey by Zogby International found that 69% of all respondents believe that biology classes should explain both the theory of evolution and the scientific evidence against Darwin's claims. Only 21% of those surveyed said that teachers should confine themselves to teaching the Darwinian theory.

The Zogby poll was commissioned by the Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based think-tank. "This poll shows widespread support for the idea that when biology teachers teach Darwin's theory of evolution they should present the scientific evidence that supports it as well as the evidence against it," said Casey Luskin, program officer for the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture.

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