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Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Lie about Terrorists and WMD

Now that the debacle of the war in Iraq is enlightening people to the misinformation and blatant lies used by the Bush admin. to promote thwir own political ends, some are actually listening to experts who have questioned the real threat (or not).

These experts have contended all along that the potential for terrorists to get their hands on WMD is very small indeed. ...

According to William Arkin at The Washington Post:

The truth is that the United States government has a gigantic weapons of mass destruction bureaucracy, from intelligence collectors and targeters to WMD scientists to the world's premier underground bunker physicists to "counter-proliferation" and "global strike" warriors to technology interdictors to effects analysts and disaster response cadres. There is no getting around the fact that that apparatus has both an appetite and an interest in characterizing the threat as worthy of enormous investment.

WMD are such an emotional threat that no one really asks whether the investment equals the threat or is focused on the right problem. U.S.-Russian nuclear disarmament is stalled and programs to safeguard existing WMD technologies and materials are starved in comparison with new programs to stop "proliferation" (read terrorist proliferation).

All based on bureaucratic self-justification and someone's unsubstantiated nightmare?

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