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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Iran Undermining Iraq?

In what you might see as just another instance of the Bush admin exploiting the everyday American's lack of historical knowledge and understanding of other cultures, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has said that Iran is sending military operatives into Iraq to help undermine the government there. Juan Cole disagrees. ...

In an appearance on PBS, Cole responded to this question:

Iran has a strong interest in Iraq staying together as a united country. It has a strong interest in the Shiite-dominated political process in Baghdad going forward smoothly. And I do not believe that the Iranians have a reason to send armed groups in to stir up trouble. I think they would much rather there not be so much trouble on their borders.

Every indication so far has been that most of the violence is conducted by Iraqis, mainly Sunni Arabs, nationalists of various sorts, whether religious or secular, and with some help from outside Sunni jihadi infiltrators.

Very, very few Iranians have been captured in Iraq. Most of those were misguided pilgrims suspected of espionage or something and often let go fairly soon. So I do not understand why Mr. Rumsfeld is saying this, and I don't see the evidence for it.
Of course, Rumsfeld's comments fit nicely with the preparation of a rationale for invading or attacking Iran.

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